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Vomé Magazine | August 2017

Letter From The Editor in Chief | Oremeyi Kareem

Vomé is a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine with an African twist; birthed out of the strong need for more diversity, in the community and the world at large. It provides a platform and opportunity for regular people to showcase their God given gifts and talents; and to tell their stories to uplift, educate and empower the community.

he world we live in is constantly evolving and it is a beautiful thing to behold, it’s incredible how style, fashion trends, the appreciation of the complexity of our color and different shades of melanin has evolved. In a world where mostly light skinned, very skinny models receive preference in the world of modeling, it’s refreshing to finally see the darker skin and curvy models receive some much needed attention as well.

In this special edition of Vome’ magazine, we highlight a few models drenched in melanin. We believe that black is truly beautiful and we want to take a moment or an edition and put a spotlight on dark skin. I am a firm believer in loving the skin you’re in, no matter the shape, size or complexion but more especially, appreciating the skin others are in as well.

Much Luv

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